PICOxlemonlarry – Fxxx you too


Fxxx you too is a new single from San Diego-based (originally from Las Vegas) artist, PICOxlemonlarry. First thing you’ll notice about this jam is that the beat is groovy and super chill. The recording style may be lo-fi and PICOxlemonlarry doesn’t waste time with a lot of slick packaging and marketing, but the musical substance speaks for itself. Despite the confrontational title, this track is actually pretty mellow and relaxing. Musically, it’s quite melodic and the lyrics are surprisingly catchy. PICOxlemonlarry’s vocal delivery and cadence sets up the hooks nicely. As an artist, he cites some of his primary influences as being Miles Davis, Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller and Wu-Tang clan.

This song doesn’t merely consist of “rhymes.” There’s some creative songwriting structure here, and sonically the music is just very pleasing to listen to. This is one of the better backing beats I’ve heard on a hip hop song. It gives the track more of a classic, smooth ambiance. Fxxx you too is an enjoyable and avant garde cut. PICOxlemonlarry has an EP called Adulting that’s slated for release in October of this year.

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