Chaylyn – I Deserve Better


I Deserve Better is a new single from artist, Chaylyn. This heartfelt and sentimental track features a dreamlike piano/synth backing. The ambiance is very theatrical, almost like you’d hear in a dramatic sequence of a romantic film. Chaylyn can actually sing, and her voice is the driving force that carries the entire song. There’s nothing flashy here and no production gimmickry, just naturally beautiful vocals.

In terms of performance, Chaylyn demonstrates the kind of purity and genuine expressiveness that money just can’t buy. As the title implies, I Deserve Better is characterized by a relentless romantic longing and an underlying touch of angst. It’s bitter sweet, but more of the latter than the former. Ultimately the song encourages empowerment and self-affirmation through honesty. For those of us on the outside, listening to this jam is like finding someone’s break-up letter to their significant and reading it to ourselves. The production is studio quality and ready for prime time. I Deserve Better deserves a spot on the charts, and Chaylyn has what it takes to go far in this industry.

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