Trileon ThaGod – Hittin Chicken Skins


Hittin Chicken Skins is a new single from hip hop artist, Trileon ThaGod and appears on his latest mixtape IAmTrileon. This jam is smooth. Trileon has a casual flow and his voice has a naturally pleasing tone. His performance is actually a great example of how you can immediately tell when some rappers have a high skill level even with they’re not backed by millions of dollars and mega corporations. Trileon has great timing, which is especially impressive as he amps up the intensity at certain points of the song. The beat is fresh, melodic and has a classic, analog cassette quality reminiscent of those you hear on the most respected hip hop tunes. Trileon has really good taste in my opinion and this is top-tier underground hip hop. He has apparently been making music since the late 2000s, and his experience shows here.

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