YNG Brady – Fatties In the Club


Fatties In the Club is a new single from Minnesota-based artist, YNG Brady. This up and coming performer has a number of releases under his belt and is set to publish his EP/first mixtape. His recent single Fatties In the Club offers fans a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. The song blends elements of country and hip hop, and (as you can probably tell by the title) incorporates plenty of humor as well. Please note that while this particular jam is largely a “joke” track, YNG Brady also does chill rap and hard rap songs that are of a more serious nature and isn’t limited to this particular style. What makes this song work is that he parodies all sorts of recognizable country and redneck cliches (“covered up in muck,” “hop in my truck” etc) yet combines them with a reverence for plus-size women.

The lyrics are made catchy by the vocal delivery and structure. I would actually say that I could see this song going viral (and the artist attracting some hate mail from humorless people) just from the title alone. It’s definitely one of those “stupid” songs that everyone loves to sing along with, which is exactly what its intended to be. Musically, YNG Brady demonstrates some excellent songwriting ability. If you check out some of his more straightforward songs like Too Many you’ll find that he’s a genuinely versatile performer and can produce “legit” works when he feels like it. This guy is super fun and talented. I have no doubt that his upcoming EP will be good.

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