Roxana Labatt – Hauntingly Hypnotic

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Hauntingly Hypnotic is a new single from artist, Roxana Labatt. Roxana was working as a wall street lawyer when a medical scare led to her to reevaluate her priorities and pursue her artistic dreams. She describes her songs as being “lyrically driven,” but the musical side is equally impressive. Backed by a beautifully delicate piano melody, Hauntingly Hypnotic has an intensely personal quality.

Roxana’s voice is therapeutic and genuinely expressive. While this track is technically within the realm contemporary indie pop, it’s more closely related to the classic singer/songwriter style of 1970s artists like Karen Carpenter and Linda Ronstadt. Roxana’s style is intimate and touchingly sentimental. In addition to being sincere, her vocal tone is recognizably distinctive and quite memorable. Hauntingly Hypnotic is a thought-provoking, romantic tearjerker that will tug at your heartstrings. Roxana Labatt’s music will affect you.


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Joe Hodgson – The One That Got Away


The One That Got Away is the debut solo single from London-based (but originally from Northern Ireland) rock guitarist, Joe Hodgson. It takes a particularly strong player to be able to pull off an instrumental guitar track that can stand on its own, and with this release, Hodgson has achieved just that. Delicate, detailed melodies and warm tones create a sentimental, emotionally expressive atmosphere. The song was written in the aftermath of a difficult break-up and contains reflections of romantic longing and remorse. These sentiments are conveyed exclusively through dynamic guitar playing and a bold back beat.


Though the subject matter might lead one to think a song like this would be somber or depressing, The One That Got Away is actually brimming with passion and the guitar action is genuinely robust. There are some moments when Hodgson really gets on a roll, and the actually rocks pretty hard, cultivating a healthily tumultuous balance of emotions. It reminds me a lot of the versatility of artists like Eric Clapton. Joe Hodgson is obviously a very experienced musician, and this whole endeavor bears the mark of diligent professionalism. Operating at a high mental and technical level, this is a man who knows how to obtain great guitar tone and knows hot to use it to communicate ideas effectively. Joe Hodgson’s upcoming full length album, Apparitions, is slated for release on November 20, 2020. The 15-track instrumental album will expand on the themes explored in this single. I definitely recommend checking it out.

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