Los Angeles-based pop/folk artist OLYA K has released a new video for her sensational jam HOLLYWOOD. The song itself has already amassed 90,000 plays on Spotify and has received radio airplay on a global scale. It’s not surprising. This song is ultra catchy, as OLYA K’s unpretentious delivery and magnetic personality make HOLLYWOOD “everybody’s favorite” tune. Combining contemporary freshness with classic disco rhythms, the music is positively invigorating and brimming with an innocent charm. OLYA somehow manages to capture the “magic” of Hollywood, demonstrating that for many people, it still exists.

The video does an excellent job of conveying the dreams,the sense of excitement, and the overwhelming sunshiny vibe that engulfs this iconic destination, with OLYA K right there in the center of it all. Everything is professionally shot and well-edited. There’s footage of all the classic tourist spots like The Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame, but really the video showcases the people, just living life to the fullest, having a ball and pursuing their dreams. It’s really quite inspiring. HOLLYWOOD is one of those songs you find yourself singing along to even after hearing it just once. With enough exposure it could easily become a major hit.

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