BEEP is a new single (and music video) from artist, BROCK. Basically it consists of high energy, cutting edge dance music. The sound is extremely polished, with state of the art production and a 21st century vibe. Musically, it’s a very sleek and glossy form of EDM. The video matches the beat intensity, with extremely attractive girls and some rather precarious activities involving heavily armed individuals and their exotic getaway car. It’s an impressive video, pretty much major label caliber, which indicates that this is an ambitious musical/visual project. The video is well shot, includes an engaging narrative and some fairly daring vehicular stunts. BEEP is a top of the line product. BROCK actually has several videos lined up to be released in succession. Keep your eyes peeled for BHEVY, DAHOE, and DAMARO which should all be worth checking out if they even close to the same level as this.

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