Enyel C – Polaris


Polaris is a new single from Puerto Rican singer/rapper, Enyel C. It’s a Lo-Fi trap track with a bright and tropical vibe. Enyel C has an excellent flow. His delivery is casual, yet he has a natural gift for timing. The lyrics are mostly in Spanish and roll beautifully from start to finish. Featuring a sweet summertime melody that goes down like lemonade, Polaris offers a highly enjoyable listening experience.


Thematically, the song deals with someone taking a journey through Puerto Rico, while relaying a story about a relationship with a person who became consumed with material possessions. Enyel C classified the song as a pseudo-romantic track. Released under the La Buena Fortuna Music label, Polaris is available on all major streaming platforms. It’s really a pleasure to listen to.

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