Wigwolf – Web Ghost


Web Ghost is a new single from artist, Wigwolf. Suffice to say, this sort of thing is right up my alley. This experimental, eerily psychedelic and avant garde track is an instant lo-fi classic. True to its title, the song’s ambiance is strangely haunting. The guitar effects combined with the quaint vocals really do give the impression that you’re listening to an entity communicating directly from the spirit world. Musical gems like this recording are becoming rare in an indie scene that is largely dominated by electronic music and hip hop. In the 90’s, when every musician had a 4-track recorder, oddities like Web Ghost were plentiful. The song itself is incredibly catchy and definitely memorable.

It’s difficult to find direct comparison’s to Wigwolf’s style because it’s so unique. It’s like a cross between Daniel Johnston, Modest Mouse and something from the 60s like The Seeds. The lyrics can be difficult to make out at times but are quite brilliant, as Wigwolf incorporates a “spider web” metaphor into the song’s lengthy narrative. This is further enhanced by the guitars, which subtly resemble the kind of insect noises you’d hear in an old Vincent Price horror film. I honestly love this song. In a just world, Web Ghost would be number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. For now though, let’s just be thankful that it exists.

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