Ric – Steady (Feat. Los)


Steady is a new single from San Diego-based artist, Ric. This collaborative effort also features the talents of another artist with a 3-letter moniker, “Los.” The backing music is surreal and downright theatrical, much more advanced musically than what one expects with indie hip hop jams. It also features a crisp beat, that really gives the sound a robust and healthy crunch. The delivery style is engaging and against the musical backdrop. It does indeed “pack a punch,” but there are also some chill and laid back moments. The two artists have different voices, which makes for great synergy and enhances the conversational dynamic of the lyrical exchanges.

The title is actually appropriate, as the pacing is methodical and deliberate. There’s plenty of balance and discipline in the song’s progression Steady works as a club or party track, yet it has a reflective and meditative quality as well. It’s very hypnotic. I expect we’ll be hearing more from these artists in the future. Definitely some potential here.


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