Matiltde G – Sorry Wrong Person


Sorry Wrong Person is a new single from Italian singer/songwriter, Matiltde G. Based in Singapore, this pop artist has an extensive musical background. In addition to being an accomplished vocalist (who began writing her own songs at age 13), she also can play the piano and guitar. Her voice on this latest track is phenomenal. She’s clearly a professional singer and knows what shes doing. Backed by a cutting edge synth beat that’s brimming with melodic intensity, Matiltde G’s vocal delivery is charismatic and delightfully sassy.

She brings a lot of personality to her performance and has a genuinely magnetic quality about her. Sorry Wrong Person is one of those songs that feels like an instant pop hit. It’s fresh and dynamic. From a songwriting perspective, it’s more advanced than most contemporary radio jams and just has all the ingredients of a catchy, successful song.

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