Richard Schroder – Skyline

Richard Schroder Skyline EP_phixr

Skyline is a recent album from singer/songwriter, Richard Schroder. Blending elements of country, pop and rock, the songs on this EP have a bright, upbeat and energetic vibe. Musically, the sound is highly advanced, with excellent production and listeners will marvel almost immediately at the technical complexity of the songwriting. Everything is very well put together.

Richard Schroder sings with passionate combining romantic and sentimental themes with a lively and optimistic vocal style. He sings about everyday subjects and emotions, “stuff he knows.” The hooks are what really make these songs though. The choruses are set up just right so that when they kick in, you can really feel the potential for these jams to be hits. They’re just very catchy. This genre is probably one of the most competitive and difficult to find success in as a musician. There are just so many talented artists, yet Richard Schroder is clearly at the top of his game.

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