SnapDibz – Done Believing


Done Believing is a new single from Atlanta-born artist, SnapDibz. The song blends elements of pop, hip hop and R&B to create a colorful and melodic sound, which is not surprising given that the artist’s influences range from Outkast to Garth Brooks. Despite the title, the track is musically upbeat and packed with passionate energy. SnapDibz gives a solid and sincere rap performance. He has a straightforward, concise and “matter of fact” delivery cadence.

This song is actually a duet, featuring a conversational style exchange between SnapDibz and an excellent female vocalist, with a narrative about a relationship gone awry. It’s a romantic and invigorating jam, which gives voice to the problems couples often face with communication. It has a very liberating feel. The beat has decent bass and the backing music really sparkles. I expect we’ll be seeing more releases from SnapDibz. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and initiative here.

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