Markeisha Ronae – Like You Do


Like You Do is a new single from Florida-based R&B/pop artist, Markeisha Ronae. The sound is in the same style as Whitney Houston, Brandy Norwood and Destinys Child (Markeisha also cites influences like Mali music, Jonathan McReynolds and Tank). Anyone can recognize it though. It’s just that deep and delightfully soulful R&B. Few vocalists have the skill or bravery required to sing this kind of music, but Markeisha’s voice is up to the challenge. Her performance is both powerful and delicately sentimental, brimming with thoughtful sensitivity.

From a technical standpoint she’s equally impressive, demonstrating the sort of exceptional vocal maneuvers that one just can’t fake. The backing music is fresh and vibrant. It’s melodic and colorful, but in a creative way that gives the track a distinct personality. Markeisha Ronae really has her own style, blending the timeless and contemporary. Like You Do is definitely a chart worthy song.

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