HEATSZN – When You Gone


When You Gone is a new album from hip hop artist, Heat Szn. The beats on this release are hypnotic and high intensity, particularly in the aptly titled first track, Blacc Magicc. Darkly futuristic, the tracks have a full bodied and almost industrial feel. Backed by Earth shattering bass, Heat Szn’s delivery is formidable, straightforward and even philosophical.

One of the songs is amusingly called Low Quality Freestyle but is actually on of the most booming jams you’ll ever hear. It’s probably my second favorite jam on this EP. Even though there’s a lot of musical and instrumental variety (guitars, piano, synths), Heat Szn definitely has a consistent style and has cultivated his own distinct sound. The title track, When You Gone is creatively structured and features an attention grabbing intro. Heat Szn’s performance is packed with power and cosmic energy.

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