Matilde G – Doorbell


Doorbell is a new single from Singapore-based artist, Matilde G. This cutting edge pop track is brimming with style and confidence. Matilde G’s delivery style is assertive, sensual and dynamic, while the backing music is audaciously melodic. Matilde G’s gives a vocal performance that is off the charts. Classy and professional, yet seductive, her voice is a weapon. Excellent songwriting, clever lyrical hooks and a charismatic presentation give this jam all the makings of a pop hit.


You honestly have to hear this song and appreciate just how good it is. Unlike most contemporary pop music, there’s nothing cheap or gimmicky about the sound. Matilde G makes the most of her vocal talents up against a backing track that is jazzy, futuristic and vibrant. Doorbell is incredibly catchy. Given the right exposure, this would easily climb the Billboard Top 100 and soon be playing in department stores everywhere. This artist can go all the way.

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