Kemikal Storm feat Davedema – Beautiful Earth


Beautiful Earth (featuring Davedema) is a new single from electronic music band, Kemikal Storm. This song appears on the recent full-length album, Orion Way. Idealistic and bold, Beautiful Earth is propelled by retro-futuristic synths and fronted by passionate vocals. The ambiance is dreamlike and melodic. There are a lot of space oriented motifs and related imagery, which correlate effectively with the overall sound.

Brimming with euphoric energy and positive vibes, the music approaches the universe with a sense of wonder and excitement, rather than focus on the lonely aspects of deep space. The backing beat is surprisingly dynamic. It’s much more creative and eclectic than what one normally expects from EDM-adjacent music. Interesting usage of vocal layering combines with tribal elements in the beat to create an almost spiritual experience. Beautiful Earth really does take the listener on an exotic and ethereal journey.

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