Frally – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Rufus Wainwright)


Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Rufus Wainwright) is a single from artist, Frally. The song is a re-imagined version of the iconic Cyndi Lauper classic from the 1980s. Frally apparently recorded this jam as an homage to Paris Hilton. What’s interesting about this track is that the pacing is more mellow, and the tone is more sentimental than the original, which was lively and upbeat.

In Frally’s version, the mood has a tragic, almost haunting vibe. The element of rebellion is still there, but it’s more emo. There’s more of an emphasis on the struggle and the toll of becoming your own person, rather than just partying and letting loose in a shopping mall. This is a great example of how the listener’s perception of a song can be completely changed if the presentation is altered, even when the melody and lyrics are the same. It’s worth mentioning also that Frally’s gives a solid vocal performance, and the recording itself is technically competent.

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