Ultra_eko – Into the Multiverse (The Subsequel Mixes)


Into the Multiverse (The Subsequel Mixes) is a new album from South Lond-based artist, Ultra_eko. This epic musical undertaking blends elements of hip hop with spoken word poetry, dance and a plethora of other genres. The style is deeply meditative, and Ultra_eko has a natural storytelling ability as he explores the realms of the multiverse with the appreciative listener. Ultra_eko has a crisp flow and maintains a commanding vocal presence throughout. His voice really holds your attention.


The backing music on this album is sleek and spectacular. It often has a retro-futuristic feel, invoking synthwave energy and vaporwave aesthetics. If you removed the rapping, many of the beats wouldn’t seem out of place in a high energy, 1980s workout video. Yeah, this is good stuff all right. The mix is clean and polished, boasting a professional sound and audio clarity that would impress even the most discriminating stereophiles.

Ultra_eko’s lyrics are rich and substantive. He combines deep philosophical questions about the cosmos with relatable day to day experiences, creating a vibe that’s intellectually far out but still relatable to the average person. The songs are dynamic and fluid, frequently changing and evolving in style, tone or tempo. Some tracks such as Pingu are laid back and reflective in nature, while other songs like Day Tripper are much more assertive in their intensity (particularly in the vocal delivery.) Surprisingly, Ultra_eko doesn’t just rap but also actually sings on a number of these jams. A good example would be Keep Busy, where he briefly ventures into indie synthpop and darkwave territory.

Into the Multiverse (The Subsequel Mixes) is a comprehensive release, both musically and philosophically. Clearly a lot of work must have gone into the creation of this deliciously complex project, and it paid off. From an creative/artistic standpoint, this is already one of the best hip hop albums of 2021. Ultra_eko comes through on the performance side as well.

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