Bludgers – Dirty Laundry

Bludgers FIVE_phixr

Dirty Laundry is a new single from Bludgers, a band from Champaign, Illinois. This latest track appears on the group’s recent EP, Bludgers Five. The sound on this particular song is described as “country-rock jangle.” It certainly is that, but it also gives off a solid, power rock vibe with classic appeal. This is great bar music. The mix is clean, loud and professional, and these veteran musicians have clearly spent years on the ground cultivating their skills. The guitar tones really shine, and their robust presence supercharges the entire recording.

I won’t go into the details, but lyrically, Dirty Laundry features a rather intriguing premise that interweaves a narrative/storyline with sentimental metaphors, incorporating the title in multiple ways. The singer is quite good and has just the right kind of old school rock’n’roll voice to credibly carry the song where it needs to go. I’d recommend checking out the rest of the EP as well, because the band is competent in a variety of different styles, and the other songs on here are definitely worthwhile.

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