M-Dash – Tell Me

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Tell Me is a new single from M-Dash, a hip hop artist based in Vallejo, CA. The song is slated to appear on his upcoming album, Elevation. M-Dash is an established veteran of the hip hop genre, boasting an impressive discography that includes nine albums and twenty singles/EPs. His refined skills are evident on this latest track. He has a casual, straightforward and witty delivery style. His voice also projects very well, which is the mark of an experienced performer who understands best vocal recording practices.

He actually covers a lot of lyrical ground in the song’s modest 2:36 runtime. Throughout the track, M-Dash outlines his personal ambitions, interests and lifestyle in great detail, occasionally breaking the 4th wall to pose the question “but do you care?” to his target audience. The backing beat is fresh and robust, while the music has a smooth and lightly sensual vibe. Sonically speaking, the audio quality of the mix is impressive. It’s a chill jam, but it has enough bass to really bump if you were listening to it on the right system, especially in a car.¬†¬†Overall,¬† Tell Me is a catchy, competent and professional single. M-Dash performs with justifiable confidence, and his affable personality is bound to win over some new fans.

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