FLVRWLF – The Ninth Dimension

FLVRWLF Album Cover 4

The Ninth Dimension is a new album from FLVRWLF, a band comprised of Los Angeles-based rapper/producer Myka 9 and Silicon Valley-based producer, Freematik. Both of these artists are long time veterans of the music scene and have many projects under their belt. This album is slated to for official release on 4/20 but is available for pre-order in the meantime.

Bold and experimental, the songs blend elements of hip hop, rock, thrash and even industrial. The vocals are entrancing and avant garde, with snippets of poetic narration interweaving with traditional hip hop delivery. Meditatively hypnotic, the voices really pull you in. The backing music is trippy and futuristic. At times, it almost has a mechanical feel, as though you’re listening to the inner working of a haunted spaceship. The Ninth Dimension an intriguing album aesthetically. My favorite track on here is Escape! which creatively incorporates some exotic motifs and sound effects to create a mini-masterpiece.

For more info:

Twitter Myka 9: http://www.twitter.com/myka9
Twitter Freematik: http://www.twitter.com/freematik