TT (TopTier) – Lemme


Lemme is a new single from hip hop-pop-trap duo, TT(TopTier). This vibrant jam has a fresh and upbeat feel, featuring performances that are brimming with jovial vibes. The song is creatively structured, with a range of vocal effects being employed to give transform the track into a dreamlike, rhythmic collage. It’s complex and well choreographed. I’m not sure how the artists managed to stay on point with the timing, but they did.

Musically, there’s a sweet blend of crisp hip hop and melodious vocals, making this a delightful listen. The lyrics contain elements of romance, sensuality and even nostalgia, juxtaposing neatly with the song’s bright tone. Lemme is a cool, casual track with a hefty dose of stylistic originality packed into its 4 minute runtime.

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