Juśtin – Music IS Color


Music IS Color is a new full-length album from Florida-based artist, Juśtin. Interestingly, he created this album dealing with a chronic sinusitis, (a condition I’m all too familiar with). It’s difficult to overstate how sweet this album is. The songs are harmonious, smooth and upbeat as Juśtin blends elements of R&B, hip hop and soul. Featuring groovy melodies and an impressive array of vocals, the opening track The Way You Move is stellar, one of the best songs on the album.

Up against a looped sample and minimalist backing beat, Juśtin showcases some real rapping talent on the next track, Zone 6. He maintains a consistent flow at high speeds, and there’s nowhere to hide in the mix. He offers up a solid, no-nonsense performance showing just what he is capable of. Another notable track is Soul Food Freestyle, a well-choreographed and musically satisfying jam, with vocal sets that are expressive and truly a cut above. The album closes out on a contemplative note, with the lengthy, avant garde outro Bonus! Patricia’s Questions. Music IS Color is a very balanced and complete album. It’s stylish, sentimental and classy from beginning to end.

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