Gliffo – Feel Good The Way You Are

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Feel Good The Way You Are is a new single from Gliffo, a rock/pop artist from Germany. This track is bright, colorful and radiates positive energy. The music has a groovy, retro feel, with its flavorful guitar riffs and pretty vocal harmonies. It’s difficult to categorize this song, because the “feel good” message of self-acceptance is designed to appeal to almost anyone.

Spiritually, the mood is sunny and tropical. The sound falls somewhere between Yacht Rock, Funky Pop and New Age. There are no negative vibes whatsoever, just budding spring spirit and sweet summer optimism. Feel Good The Way You Are is professionally performed, and the recording is well produced. This jam is primed for radio, and its unique, catchy hooks make you want to sing along and smile.

For more info: (Radio Edit)