West Side Joe & The Men Of Soul – Keep On Climbin’


Slated for release on May 7, 2021, Keep On Climbin’ is a new album from West Side Joe & The Men Of Soul. This is one of the coolest and funkiest little rock’n’roll/blues releases out there. Rhythmic and catchy, these jams will knock your socks off. Some tracks like Easier Than You Think have a mellow pace and groovin’ vibe, while other songs like Vacate My Heart have a wild, old school rock’n’roll energy. Still, the sound offers even more variety with such bluesy gems as Colorado Mama and Raindrop Don’t Care. The sound is totally professional, and these guys obviously have a lot of experience with their instruments (as is fairly common with this kind of music). The album is top-tier, but West Side Joe & The Men Of Soul also manage to keep things fun.

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