New Chums – Shruggin’ Off The Feelings

New Chums Album Artwork

Shruggin’ Off The Feelings is a new album from New Chums, an indie rock’n’roll band from Phoenix, Arizona. Given that I’ve lived most of live in the Phoenix area, I have a special appreciation for the local scenery on display in the video (which is professionally shot) for the track, The Ride. The music is just classic indie rock, with robust guitars and an organic sound. The production quality is solid, without detracting from the artistic cred of the performances. There are some pretty groovin’ rhythmic interludes, with elements of rockabilly or 1950s style. I don’t keep up as much with indie music in the valley like I used to, but this is definitely one of the better up and coming Phoenix bands. Keep you eyes peeled for Shruggin’ Off The Feelings, which is schedule for official release on June 4th, 2021.

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