Drifters In Vellichor – The Shadow

Drifters in Vellichor cover

The Shadow is a new single from Nashville-based duo, Drifters In Vellichor. Interestingly, the band originally formed in California in 2005 as a trio called AutoDefe. This slightly dark and surreal track actually does have a hint of California desert vibes. Technically it’s indie rock, but it has a somewhat brooding and sinister feel. Spiritually, it’s closer to modestly paced metal but with more sultry and metaphysical undertones. The recording is polished and slick. These guys definitely have production down, and the performances are really clean. There’s a lot going on musically, even for a rather minimalist mix. The sound is surprisingly dynamic and never boring. It’s just very “alive.” The charismatic vocals are especially good, and provide The Shadow with much of its emotional character.

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