Rosegang – 12 over 6


12 over 6 is a new single from New Zealand-based artist, Rosegang. This unique blend of Spanish-style guitars and smooth hip hop makes for a memorable listening experience. Rosegang’s no-nonsense delivery style juxtaposes nicely with the exotic musical backdrop. Authenticity and “being real” are heavily emphasized themes in the lyrics, indicating that the artist places a high value on those attributes. He also talks about the struggles of life and the importance of perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.


Musically, this is a melodic and almost relaxing song. The backing music is smooth and emits tropical vibes. Rosegang’s passionate and expressive vocals give the song an added emotional jolt. He demonstrates a commanding stage presence and proves to be a capable rapper. 12 over 6 is a flavorful jam, Rosegang has carved out a distinctive hip hop niche for himself here.

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