Steam Train Hearts – Uncertainty


Uncertainty is a new single from Richmond-based band, Steam Train Hearts. It also appears on their album, Smoke and Cinder. The song has a rough and tumble, rockin’ 1980s sound. Driven by sentimental vocals that project powerfully, Uncertainty is brimming with emotional energy. This really does sound like an 80’s jam. Featuring robust guitar tones and dynamic melodies, the mix comes through full, loud and clear. There are no obnoxious processing effects or autotune. The performances on here are all good as well, but the vocals especially stand out. When he belts out the lyrics, you can really hear the genuine passion and charisma in his voice. He has great “presence.” This band in general releases really solid and straightforward music. (I listened to some of the other songs on the album). I’d be willing to bet they put on a great live show, too.

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