Bex & Bright – Luved & Lost


Luved & Lost is a new single from Bex & Bright, a Baltimore-based musical duo with over ten years of combined experience in the music industry. This latest track features colorful synth melodies and an uplifting, peppy beat. While the music can’t be confined to any specific box, I’d say it’s basically dreampop, with a slightly retro, avant garde ambiance.

Even though it’s a song about having your heart broken and still being in love with the person who dumped you, the tone isn’t depressing. This music will definitely make you feel something inside. The sound is just very pretty. It sparkles actually. The synths have an 80s quality to them while the vocals have kind of an early 2000s (which was a “mini” golden age of bedroom pop in my opinion) indie vibe. The singing is perfect for this style of music. There’s a lot of energy and passion in the tone but with an underlying innocence and vulnerability. The artists aim to create a “real connection between artist and listener.” I think this song achieves that. It’s emotionally sensitive and artistically pure.

This is the type of indie music I always loved. If Bex & Bright had been making the scene in 2004, probably every person I knew would have heard of them and been a fan. The still has plenty of modern/contemporary appeal though. Production quality is solid, the performances are fresh and the content speaks to the timeless tumult of young romance. I think Bex & Bright can probably land a small showcase gig at SXSW if they put in the effort. Luved & Lost is ethereal and dreamy, but it’s a good dream, the kind you’ll still be thinking about after you wake up.

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