Chris Murphy – Sovereign (27)

Sovereign is a new album from singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Chris Murphy. The full album is a officially scheduled for release on June 30, 2021, but some tracks like Till The World Lifts Its Head Again are already available to check out. The music is powerful and professional. It’s basically folk with elements of Americana and rock. The artist is well known for his violin playing abilities, and he delivers the goods here, with a meticulous performance that’s filled with energy and spirit. There’s a full band rocking along with him, and everyone seems to be having a blast. You can tell these guys just live to making music. It’s in their bones.

The lyrics have a contemplative and almost mysterious feel to them. There are parts which seem to relate to the struggles the world was facing with quarantine, but the principles could be applied a lot of difficult situations in life. The music is fast placed and action packed. Sovereign is an absolutely solid release. You can actually view a “behind the scenes” mini documentary where Chris talks about the album and gives a brief overview of his creative process.

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