M-Dash – Anytime (Feat. Mr. Maph)


Anytime (Feat. Mr. Maph) is a new single from Vallejo-based hip hop artist, M-Dash. An award winning performer with nine albums and dozens of singles under his belt, M-Dash dazzles with his latest track. It features a groovy and ethereal, synth intro that is simply captivating. The song is actually a smooth and somewhat romantic jam that’s ideal for candle-lit dinners with your significant other but still packs a crisp enough beat to get down to on the dance floor.


As per usual, M-Dash’s delivers his lyrics expressively and his performance balances confidence with sensuality. Surprisingly, the song also contains some tropical elements and intersperses some reggae vibes. The vocals on this track are pretty sweet and melodic, elevating Anytime into something beyond a mere “rap” song. Musically, the song has a lot to offer listeners from different audiences. It transcends genres and also has a timeless feel. If I heard this song randomly, I might not be able to guess what decade it was made. M-Dash has definitely carved out his own unique sound, and the ambient blend he concocts here works quite well.

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