Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge – The Delight


The Delight is a new single from artists Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge. A Montreal pop star who grew up between Canada, France and the US, Van Hechter teamed up with famed NYC dj, Chauncey Dandridge to create this stylish neo-disco classic. Celebrating unity, hopefulness and a certain zest for life, The Delight is an invigorating and uplifting jam.

A slick, pulsepounding beat keeps the action moving, while the melodies are powered by retro-futuristic synths. The music really does have an authentic disco sound, perfectly capturing the melodic richness and electrifying energy that is the essence of the genre. Given the events of the last year or two, it’s been a while since people could appreciate the extravagant and jovial party atmosphere this song awakens. The lyrics are catchy, and the mix creatively makes use of vocal layering and harmonies to enhance their presence, ultimately giving the vocals a festive quality. Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge both offer up lively performances. Van Hechter’s voice exudes confidence while still remaining laid back and approachable. From a technical standpoint, he can actually sing, too.

You really can’t ask for better production values than this. It shouldn’t be surprising, given the professional status of the artists, but sonically this is just better than most contemporary recordings, even the ones you hear on the radio or in department stores. The audio clarity is excellent, and unlike many newer pop songs, the mix isn’t cluttered with autotune and unnecessary processing. The artistry and detail is permitted to flourish, amplifying the track’s emotional impact.

The video for this song is high quality and has already amassed nearly a million views on youtube. It contains footage from an exotic, disco club setting, interspersed with some intriguing and avant garde photo montages. It’s very well put together. As a song The Delight could ultimately be described as 21st century pop (or neo-disco) music at it’s finest. It’s classy, exquisite, emotionally expressive and brimming with positivity.

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