Kidd J – Flashbacks


Flashbacks is a new single from artist, Kidd J. Blending elements of hip hop and pop, this track features colorful, piano-driven melodies and a light, smooth beat. The backing music is dreamlike and ethereal, providing a reflective framework for Kidd J’s vocals. The “flashbacks” referred to in the title seem to represent memories of heartbreak and troubling past experiences, faced with pure honesty.

Conveying the lyrics with sentiment and sincerity, Kidd J has a stream-of-consciousness style delivery, as he lets listeners in on his inner ruminations, hopes and even personal vulnerabilities. His actual vocal tone has a unique and distinctive quality to it. It’s not quite like any other I’ve heard, and you can really hear the sensitivity and emotional expression in his voice throughout. As the song builds, the mix becomes fuller and rich in its intensity. Flashbacks is a melodically enjoyable and spiritually powerful jam.

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