Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band – Live at 6010 (2)

Scheduled for an official release date of August 15, 2021, Live at 6010 is a new album from Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band. This New Orleans based outfit and a slick and stylishly jazzy sound, incoropating blues and funk into the mix as well. The songs on this release are soulful and have a classic feel. I remember there was a bit of a craze with bands reviving this style back in the early 90s. Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band reminds me a lot of the first groups I ever went to see live as a teenager before the ska/pop punk era began to take root. The horn melodies are exquisite and classy, while the vocals have that loungy, coffee house flavor. The singer is really exceptional and has just the right kind of gritty vocal tone to lend the music its experiential credibility. These are great musicians, and as far as recordings go (live or otherwise), you’re not going to hear much better than this.

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