Nikolai Berk – Help Me Forget

HMF Cover Art Final

Help Me Forget is a new single from Los Angeles-based artist, Nikolai Berk. This indie pop/R&B adjacent gem proves itself to be quite sophisticated musically. With its sentimentally aquatic vibes and avant garde intro, the track distinguishes itself right from the get go. The melodically rich backing music is bright and ambient, as colorful synths blend with innocent backing vocals to fill out the mix. The harmonies are very effective musically and capture the sensitivities of Help Me Forget’s underlying romantic themes.

Nikolai Berk is a solid vocalist. His singing style combines attributes of classic lounge singers and contemporary pop. At times his voice comes across as an indie, slightly more artistic variant of someone like Michael Buble’s. There’s a balanced combination of charm, sincerity and technical skill, with a little bit of R&B spice thrown in. You really can’t ask for much more in a pop song than what you get with Help Me Forget. This is that rare chart-worthy track that should have crossover appeal with both mainstream and more “experimentally minded” indie audiences.

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