Alan Gogoll – Sunset Heart

Alan Gogoll

Sunset Heart is a new song from Australian acoustic guitarist and composer, Alan Gogoll (who was recently named Acoustic Guitarist of the Year by Guitar World and Guitar Player magazine). This acoustic instrumental piece appears on his latest EP, EP Wombat’s Lullaby. Written while Alan was living in France, Sunset Heart is rich with delightfully bright melodies and colorful detail. The ambiance has a nostalgic innocence to it. Musically, it’s very advanced, yet it retains a youthful spirit. The audio quality is such that listeners are treated to every delicate detail in the audio.

Sunset Heart

Artfully condense, Sunset Heart packs a plethora of sparkling notes within its brief runtime, and there’s a beat that enters into the equation as the emotive action builds. It’s worth mentioning that Alan is known for having pioneered a two-handed simultaneous artificial harmonics technique he has called “Bell Harmonics.” He brings that same creative spirit to Sunset Heart, a beautiful and authentic track.

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