Van Hechter’s Banner Year and Beyond (14)

We’re only 3/4 of the way through 2021, and artist Van Hechter has already had a wildly productive year. In a time where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get music played on the radio, he’s managed to get a substantial amount of airplay for a number of recent singles from his EP, Love Elastic. Songs such as I Believe, I Am, and Love Elastic (the title track) have all earned their spots on the indie charts this year, with I Am still remaining in rotation even now.

The core of Van Hechter’s following primarily consists of 17 to 27 year-olds and is concentrated in cities like Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Philadelphia and Miami. Listeners from these vibrant metropolises seem to be drawn to his smooth, groovin’ melodies, expressive performance and humanistic themes. One of Van Hechter’s other recent jams, Back in Vogue, is an anti-Tinder/anti-Grindr song. This pro-social track takes aim at the impersonal and transactional nature of 21st century dating and appeals for a return to organic, in person interactions, with lines like Remember a time before phones, darling?? We used to cruise in person- face to face. The bulk of Van Hechter’s audience may have been too young to personally recall such experiences, but the emptiness and superficiality of contemporary dating have many people yearning for them just the same.

Clearly, great care has gone into the production, performance and writing of Van Hechter’s songs. They each have their own individual energy, while retaining the same level of quality. This explains why so many songs on the same album have independently achieved their own success. Van Hechter’s music stands out for its vitality in an industry that has become increasingly mechanical and sterile. 2021 has been a prolific year for this artist, and the party’s not even over yet.

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