Estella Dawn – Pretty

Estella Dawn.

Pretty is a new single from New Zealand singer, Estella Dawn. A prolific recording artist, Estella Dawn has released 13 singles since 2020. In this colorful pop-ballad, she promotes body positivity. Bright melodies and thoughtful vocals drive the song’s uplifting ambiance. Estella’s voice blends sensitivity with confidence. She’s a solid singer and her voice has a very warm and reassuring quality to it.

Estella Dawn 01

Even though it may seem like this track might be targeted to a certain demographic, almost everyone experiences self doubt about their appearance, and we are often are own worst critics. In that sense, Pretty is a song that pretty much everyone can relate to at one time or another, regardless of how they are actually perceived by others. As Estella puts it so eloquently: “self love can be so tough.” There’s a lot to admire here, both in terms os the message and the music. Ultimately, this is a mature and high quality pop song, which is accompanied by a professional video.

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