Willard Overstreet and the Highborn Kinsmen – All We Are

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All We Are is a new album from Willard Overstreet and the Highborn Kinsmen. This is actually Willard’s third album, and it’s scheduled to be released on 10/29/2021. The sound blends elements of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock. Melodic and soulful, the songs on this album have an almost inspirational tone. One distinctive feature is that the band demonstrates a willingness to experiment with the structural compositions. Even though there’s plenty of robust guitar action and energetic vocals, the often unpredictable changes and sections give the music an avant garde sensibility. Tracks like Devil’s Man are a good example of this. With the occasional mystery instrumentals and spoken word interludes, this album is something truly unique, which goes beyond mere rock and roll and does not stylistically confine itself to any single time period or place.

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