Frayed – Heat


Heat is a new single from east coast-based music producer, Frayed. His style combines elements of general electronic music with synthwave and chillwave. This latest track, Heat, is the lead single for Frayed’s upcoming concept album (the title of which has yet to be revealed to the public). The sound is driven by laser-like synths, backed by a faint beat. Suspenseful and darkly cinematic, this music has an edge to it. What’s impressive is how the song maintains a vigorous intensity without containing any kind of aggressive or “booming” beat in the mix.

The synths have a retro-futuristic quality. It’s almost like listening to a space opera or the climactic moments in an RPG. One can only imagine the aesthetic potential if Frayed were to put visuals to this jam. This isn’t your average chillwave song. It’s fluid and flows dreamily, but there’s plenty of electro-stimulation here as well. Frayed has his own distinctive style and is consistent with it. Heat is 21st century electronic music for the “thinking individual” who lives to delve into the abstract.

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