The Dead Bolts – What Gives (22)

What Gives is a new single from The Dead Bolts. This newly released song is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album Pretty And Burnt (which will be available on 11/26/21). Featuring a deep Earthy sound and guitar-driven tones, What Gives combines Americana with rock’n’roll. The mix reverberates beautifully and provides a haunting, powerful atmosphere.

Everything about this release is professional and high quality. Expressive vocals provide the song its sensitive, human side, while bright guitar melodies are responsible for the track’s euphoric energy, especially at the climactic 2/3 point of the song. The accompanying music video captures some breathtaking natural scenery, and the shots of the performers drive home the emotional “mood” of the track. Free of production gimmicks and quirks, What Gives is an all around great song.

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