Carrier – When New York Is Drowning

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When New York Is Drowning is a new album from Brooklyn-based rock band, Carrier. Peppy, emotive and melodic, this is classic indie rock. I honestly didn’t even know there still were bands out there making this style of indie music, which was so coveted and loved in the early to mid 2000s, when I was just a budding young scenester, and everyone I knew listened to groups like Franz Ferdinand, James, The Make Up and The Dandy Warhols,.

It all makes sense though when you learn that When New York Is Drowning apparently was a ten year album project. The band cites influences like Japandroids, The Strokes, Jets to Brazil and Green Day, but they’ve essentially carved out their own sound. Lively guitars provide much of the backbone of the songs, while passionately delivered vocals with deep reverberation give the music its evocative soul. The recordings are excellent and pure, without any of the senseless overprocessing or auto-tune effects that taint most contemporary releases. The album’s opening track, Bitter Child is an instant hit and perfectly encapsulates what Carrier’s music is all about.

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