Amor Nostalgico Deluxe – Sitwell, Bonesy, DAP, ft. Ramon

Amor Nostalgico is a new single/video from Sitwell, Bonesy, DAP, also featuring Ramon. Anime visuals combine with soulful music to create a beautifully emotive ambiance. The vocals are particularly impressive, with their soft, melodic expressiveness balancing against the robust backing music. The singer’s voice really has a nice range.You really have to hear how well constructed this mix is. It’s refreshing that it isn’t packaged with a lot of hype or flashy aesthetics. The song retains its innocence while at the same time delivering high quality, almost meditative experience. The recording features a subtle “noise” effect which gives it a retro, analog feel. Amor Nostalgico delivers sonically, visually and emotionally. Great stuff.

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