JackLyfe Pat – In My Bag Na

In My Bag Na is a new single from hip hop artist JackLyfe Pat. The artist’s intriguing moniker has a dual meaning in that JackLyfe Pat is from Jackson, Mississippi and “comes from a family that took what they needed in order to survive.” He cites Wu Tang, Three Six Mafia, OutKast, Prince, and even MGMT as being among his musical influences.

In My Bag Na is creatively hypnotic and more avant garde than what we’ve come to expect from contemporary hip hop and pop. That’s not surprising though, given that JackLyfe Pat has always been a very inventive individual. As a child, he claims to have experimented with different bathroom cleaners and was creative in all sorts of quirky ways. In terms of delivery, JackLyfe Pat maintains a conversational, and poetic flow. Vocal layering effects give the feeling that we’re listening to a reflective, inner monologue. He really does have his own style, and it works. Having opened up for prominent artists like Mello T Da Godfather, Moe3, and Post Malone, JackLyfe Pat is a fairly well established performer already. We expect to hear more releases from him in the future.

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