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Nature Unimposed – By Marie Helen

Nature Unimposed is a new poem from Los Angeles-based poet, Marie Helen Abramyan. An accomplished lyricist, songwriter and classically trained pianist, Marie Helen is also a member of the avant garde indie band, Lyrics of Two.

Her latest poem, Nature Unimposed, was inspired by a walk through her garden on a summer day. The last couple of years have undoubtedly been a stressful and tumultuous time for many people. Through observations and sensations Marie Helen experienced while venturing in the garden, she became reassured by the resilience of nature on full display. The poem’s positive theme relates to how nature finds its balance, and thrives (seemingly unfazed) under harsh circumstances.

Like a true lyricist, Marie Helen effectively utilizes rhyming patterns to create an enchanting cadence. This can be even better appreciated by listening to her reading of the poem. She really has an ideal voice for this kind of reading. It is both confident and sensitive. Nature Unimposed is a very well-crafted piece of poetry, with rich, descriptive verses that manifest exotic and vivid visual settings.

To baffled minds mounding thoughts, like sand dunes
Better days ahead, sing the sparrow’s tunes;

There is in fact, no line in this poem that is wasted. The mantra “better days ahead” recurs throughout, reinforcing the theme of optimism, positive reassurance and the inevitability of nature finding its way (and showing us the way) forward.


Lyrics Of Two – Summer Song (Hey Hey)


Summer Song (Hey Hey) is a refreshing and avant garde country pop song from Los Angeles based band, “Lyrics of Two.” The track was written by band founder Marie Helen Abramyan, a songwriter and poet whose work we’ve featured before. One thing Marie has become known for in her writing is an emphasis on seasons. Her poems and songs often capture the essence of a particular season, and its role in nature.

Like previous hits such as LFO’s Summer Girls, Lyrics of Two’s Summer Song (Hey Hey) manages to capture the “feel” of summer and deals with recapturing the carefree spirit of summer that’s been lost somewhere in the grind of day to day adult life. The incredibly catchy “Hey Hey!” hook of the chorus serves as a kind of wake up call for the soul. The song is upbeat from start to finish, conjuring up images of frolicking on the beach with friends and throwing frisbees around. It is upbeat in a way that only the season of summer could be, with the feelings associated with the adjacent seasons both left behind and waiting subtly for their turn, temporarily relegated to the margins.

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