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Arasa – Leads (feat. Chaotrope, Michan & Nuzulia)


Leads classifies itself as a “depression awareness song.” It is largely an instrumental track, featuring some exquisite piano work to complement the ambient backing beat and light guitar sound. There are a few lyrics and lovely vocalizations, but since the singing does not appear to be in English it’s difficult for me to translate the meaning. However, the musical tone manages to convey a sense of empathy and comfort. One doesn’t need to understand the complete context in order to feel the effects of the song on an emotional level. While it is listed as “lofi” I have to mention that the production quality is much better than what one would expect a from lofi track such as vintage Daniel Johnston. This recording is very professional and particularly well mixed.

The video is a powerful piece of performance art which deals with strong themes, such as depression, loss and even death. The masks worn by the subjects in the video seem to be a metaphor illustrating how depression and painful thoughts are often concealed behind a jovial appearing personality and cheery facade. This song ultimately helps people recognize the importance making others comfortable about sharing their hidden emotions and fears before it is too late.

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