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David F. Porfirio – Descarado (Between Her Hair)


Descarado (Between Her Hair) is a new hip hop single from New Jersey based guitarist, David F. Porfirio. The blending of acoustic guitar and hip hop is interesting. When the song begins, it almost seems like it’s going to be a standard Spanish classical guitar song, but then as the beat kicks in and we are treated to vocals from SELGAS and Ken Stout, the track takes on an eclectic, hip hop identity.

The melodic guitar work of Porfirio combined with SELGAS emotive vocals elevate the song above the typical indie hip hop fare, which usually just involves rapping over pre-set beats. Descarado’s composition works in a way that the song could even succeed as a standalone instrumental track. That’s a cozy framework for any song. The vocals enhance the music by providing a narrative. Descarado paints an emotional picture of a troubled couple in a love triangle. I won’t give it away, but the song ties things up in a bold ending, where things don’t turn out all warm and fuzzy. I recommend watching the music video for a clearer understanding of the dynamic. Descarado is a solid song which does a decent job at merging genres to create a unique sound.

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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/descarado-between-her-hair-single/1455015425