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Dominique Mathurin – Love is Contagious


Dominique Mathurin’s Love is Contagious is a reimagined version of the 90’s hit song by Taja Sevelle. Dominique has licensed and remade the song here in her own image. One major element which distinguishes this version is that it is mostly guitar driven, whereas the original was more of a bubblegum synthpop jam. The guitars give this song a twangy kind of avant garde, R&B pop sensibility. It’s just so much more groovin’ and has a very elegant, classy vibe. In terms of vocals, this song has a very high level of difficulty and Dominique somehow manages to pull it off. Granted, contemporary production makes it easier to produce this kind of music and conceal flaws, but I promise these parts are not easy to sing. Do not try this at home. Most remakes and cover versions of songs do not live up to the quality of the original, but this one does and in the process evolves its own personality. The combination of a clear artistic vision and Dominique Mathurin’s all out vocal performance is ultimately what gets it there.

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